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Adding New Sticks


Adding New Sticks

Chrissy Muhr

by: Chrissy Muhr

On a spiritual retreat this last year, I noticed something about fire. Adding new sticks to already-smoldering logs made a lot of smoke, but it took a long time for flames to appear.

It’s kind of like my spiritual life.

All the time, God is at work. But it’s beneath the surface of my awareness. There may be smoke, difficulty breathing, frustration at the lack of warmth, fatigue. It takes so long to see results, to know that all this time, God was working. Is working. Remains at work. My tendency is to forget.

If I don’t feel God at work, then I think nothing is happening, that I’m stagnating. How good it is to be reminded that God is present and at work, even when I’m unaware.