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Quaker Worship


Quaker Worship

Juniper Klatt

by by: Juniper Klatt

Our clothes rustle with our
breath with the wind in the
leaves with the air heavy
with the promise of rain
as we gather here together

And what do we seek
in this place?
As our hearts meld with
the silence like old
friends, as our hands clasp and
unclasp, our bodies sighing
in the weariness
of the week's existence

Do we seek solace here?
Rest? Recovery?
A place without the
noise and urgency crowding
out all possibility of
spontaneous thought
or even just a true

How do we breathe among
friends? Does our collective
intake of air offer some
relief to the loneliness
of nights spent wondering
and crowds of disconnected

What does showing up
with our bodies sitting in
blue chairs with the
smoky sky above
give us in this

The only one we have
any say in, the one we're
living in now
the one where we can
wiggle our toes or
our fingertips or
the worn-out dreams deep
within dusty closets in
our minds

Is this a time to let go?
A time to rest? 
A time to move?

Our swirling thoughts and
earthy spirits mix and mingle
across the circle while
we wait and
listen together

What will happen
when we gather?